A Definitive List Of “First Kiss” Parodies

To be updated accordingly.

1. “First Sniff” - the canine variety.

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2. “Real First Kiss” - the authentic version.

3. “Very First Kiss” - actually someone’s first kiss in life.

4. “First Kiss” - Chelsea Handler style.

5. “First Time” - a bodily functions parody.

6. “First Snog” - the appropriately titled British variety.

7. “First Handjob” - the dirty parody.

8. “First Jizz” - the dirtier parody.

9. “First Fuck You” - the aggressive parody.

10. “First Fist Pump” - bro style.

11. “First Kiss: The Sequel” - the firsts never end!

12. *UPDATE* “First Sh*t” - The Funny Or Die take.

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13. *UPDATE* “First Raspberry” - more body stuff!

14. *UPDATE* “First Kiss Parody (Dog Kiss)” - more dogs. Huzzah!

15. *UPDATE* “First Kiss (Deleted Scenes)” - you know, the outtakes.

16. *UPDATE* “First Time” - why don’t you watch and find out.

17. *UPDATE* “First Lick” - puppies, kittens AND Jimmy Fallon! What more do you people want?

18. *UPDATE* “1st First Kiss” - why real people didn’t work and they had to use actors.

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19. *UPDATE* “First Kiss (Best Parody)” - boobs.

20. *UPDATE* “Fart Kiss” - you know…farts.

21. *UPDATE* “First Kiss: Kids Edition” - cuties!

22. *UPDATE* “First Fart” - oh boy, you guys. What is with society and farting?!

23. *UPDATE* “Last Kiss (A First Kiss Parody) About 20 Exes” - it may be the last kiss but it’s definitely not the last parody.

24. *UPDATE* “First Sandwich” - ok now we’re hungry.

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25. *UPDATE* “First Kiss” - VICE weighs in. TOO REAL MAYBE.

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26. *UPDATE” “First Gay Hug” - This one is actually really moving.

27. *UPDATE* “The Last First Kiss Parody You Need to See” - let’s be honest, it’s probably not the last.

28. *UPDATE* “Not A First Kiss Parody (A First Kiss Parody)” - watching people make out has lost it’s luster.

29. *UPDATE* “Strangers Make ‘First Kiss’ Parody Videos For the First Time” - meta!

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