Things I Overheard At A Haim Concert

This weekend, the three-sister pop-rock band jammed out at Terminal 5 in NYC. I attended on Sunday evening, and this is what I heard.

1. “This fucking rocks.”

Gary Wolstenholme / Getty Images

2. “Look at her legs, they’re so long. Ugh, I want her legs.”

Gary Wolstenholme / Getty Images

Re: Alana’s long-ass legs.

3. “This isn’t the 60’s.”

Guess some fans weren’t a fan of the heavy flower crown action in the audience.
Haters #BeGone

4. “Which is the one that makes the weird faces?”

Debbie Hickey / Getty Images

They all do, honey. But we love them just the same.

5. “The bathroom here screams coke.”

I didn’t go in, but I guess the bathroom starting yelling about ‘coke!?’

6. “Is that the guy from Vampire Weekend?”

Re: ‘The guy’ from Vampire Weekend who may or may not have been in the crowd.

7. “Do you think it’s in their contract to not cut their hair?”

8. “Their periods are definitely all synced up by now.”

David Wolff - Patrick / Getty Images


9. “I am so attracted to the blonde one.”

David Wolff - Patrick / Getty Images


Re: The blonde one… um, hi.

10. *Screams* “OMG PAPER!!!!!!!!!”

Re: The confetti shower.

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