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You Guys, Women Have Won Every Single Olympic Medal For Canada So Far

How about THEM EH-PPLES.

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This was all kicked off by the women's 4x100-metre freestyle relay team, who took home bronze and gave Canada their first medal.

The team is Sandrine Mainville, Chantal Van Landeghem, Taylor Ruck and Penny Oleksak.

This win was the first women's swimming medal for Canada since the 1996 Olympics.


And letโ€™s not forget the womenโ€™s rugby team, who made history by winning Canadaโ€™s first medal in the sport for either men or women.

Philippe Lopez / AFP / Getty Images

The bronze medals went to Brittany Benn, Kelly Russell, Jennifer Kish, Hannah Darling, Kayla Moleschi, Ashley Steacy, Bianca Farella, Natashan Watcham-Roy, Karen Paquin, Charity Williams, Ghislaine Landry, and Megan Lukan.


So I'm sorry, couldn't quite hear you: WHO RUN THE WORLD?