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What Would You Do For A Nap Right Now?

Give in.

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  1. 1. Would you...

    Stay later at work?
    Come in earlier tomorrow?
    Respond to all your emails right now?
    Talk to the worst person at work for at least half an hour?
    Talk to your boss about "goal-setting"?
    Joining/listen in on a conference call about safety procedures?
    Forgo dinner today?
    Forgo happy hour today?
    Forgo your chair today?
    Call BOTH your parents tonight?
    Maintain silent eye contact with the person next to you for 45 seconds?
    Break apart 92 pistachio shells?
    Scream "DINGLEFUCK" at the top of your lungs?
    Give up pizza (for a week)?
    Give up soda (for a week)?
    Give up Instagram (for a week)?
    Give up television (for a week)?
    Give up your favorite mug?
    Give up your favorite sweatshirt?
    Give up gum (for a week)?
    Give up singing (for a week)?
    Give up food deliveries (for a week)?
    Squint and mouth the words "I hate you" to the next passerby?
    Do your roommate's laundry?
    Stay on the phone with the next telemarketer?
    And tell him/her you're interested in whatever they're selling?
    Send a company-wide email detailing how your day is going?
    Say out loud everything you type for the rest of the day?
    Wash everyone's dishes in the sink for the rest of the day?
    Facebook friend everyone at work?
    Give up elevators (for a week)?
    Give up your next weekend?
    Give up alcohol (for a week?)
    GIve up chocolate (for a week?)
    Give up your favorite show (for a month)?
    Call your mother every day (for a month)?
    Give up future naps (for a week)?
    Give up a limb?
    Give up hope?

What Would You Do For A Nap Right Now?

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