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You Will Have Extreme Lumbersexual Thirst For This Pro Baseball Player

He is the everyman of your dreams.

Please meet Daniel Norris.

He's a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays by trade.

And a camping, fishing, surfing, hiking, fire-starting outdoorsman by nature.

Seriously — during spring training, Daniel retreats to his 1978 Volkswagen camper that's usually parked behind a Walmart.

Where he writes in his THOUGHT JOURNAL and reads KEROUAC with his HEADLAMP.

He, also, happens to be EXXXTREMELY SEXXXY.

Like, the perfect intersection of lumbersexy and studly athlete.

When he's not busy being the no. 1 prospect for the Blue Jays and practicing his left-handed pitch...

He's shaving himself WITH AN AXE.

He can rock anything from a baseball cap...

To a tiny, tiny top-bun.

He's through-and-through a man of the great outdoors.

But he can wear the shit out of a suit.

So, you're welcome:

You've just been introduced...

To the no. 1 draft pick for the lumbsexiest baseball guy in MLB right now.

⚾🍁😍 Daniel Norris 😍🍁⚾