Toronto Blue Jays Fans Are Really Embracing Their Own Dirty Joke

“Did you know your shirt says—” Yes, they know.

1. If you haven’t figured it out, the Toronto Blue Jays are acronymed:

2. Which, for the most oblivious and innocent of fans, can be truly unfortunate.

3. But instead of exercising discretion, Blue Jays fans have really embraced their misfortune.

4. They’ve been selling and advertising the apparel:

5. (pretty shamelessly):

6. Then wearing them proudly at home games:

8. As fans, they go the extra mile:

9. To show their support, of course:

11. ‘Cause when it comes to jokes…

Most guys dream about BJs lasting this long #BlueJays

— Eh Zed (@AnnDreeAhZed)

12. Toronto is really running with this one.

I am buying this #BJs @BlueJays

— megs (@megs_berry)

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