This Is Why You Should Exercise Caution If You’re Wearing A “Canada” Shirt

Be careful, kids.

1. If you’re donning and parading your Canadian pride on a T-shirt: great. Keep Canada proud.

2. But — you should be aware that, due to the unfortunate arrangement in the word “Canada,” there’s just this one awkward little thing that sometimes happens…

3. …if your hair falls in the wrong place…

4. …or if your friends fall in the wrong place…

5. If your jacket is accidentally covering a few letters…

6. (O, those crucial letters)

7. If you work retail, and fold them a certain way…

8. …or if your backpack straps fall a certain way…

10. ….If your yearbook photo was taken at the most unfortunate moment, and your Canadian pride just gets a little misconstrued.

11. So, for all my fellow Canadians, wear your shirts with honor. Just, y’know, exercise caution.

This has been a PSA.

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Tanya Chen is a senior editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Toronto.
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