This Is Why You Should Exercise Caution If You’re Wearing A “Canada” Shirt

Be careful, kids.

1. If you’re donning and parading your Canadian pride on a T-shirt: great. Keep Canada proud.

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2. But — you should be aware that, due to the unfortunate arrangement in the word “Canada,” there’s just this one awkward little thing that sometimes happens…

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3. …if your hair falls in the wrong place…

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4. …or if your friends fall in the wrong place…

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5. If your jacket is accidentally covering a few letters…

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6. (O, those crucial letters)

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7. If you work retail, and fold them a certain way…

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8. …or if your backpack straps fall a certain way…

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10. ….If your yearbook photo was taken at the most unfortunate moment, and your Canadian pride just gets a little misconstrued.

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11. So, for all my fellow Canadians, wear your shirts with honor. Just, y’know, exercise caution.

This has been a PSA.

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