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15 Times Paris Hilton Attempted A Comeback In 2013

And failed. That's not-so-hot :(.

Paris Hiltonheiress, princess, reality star, DJ, singer, fashion designer, socialite, model, author, producer, and self-identified American ICON — made several more attempts at fame this year.

But it feels like her spotlight might be flickering dim.

Well, you be the judge. Paris Hilton's 2013 comeback tour included, but certainly not limited, to...

1. Posing seductively as her boyfriend bleeds on a stretcher.

2. Making an appearance on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills only to be identified as "Kyle's niece".

3. Recruiting Weezy for her lead single "Good Time," which peaked at #18 on music charts.

4. ...but that didn't stop Paris from co-signing its painfully tacky music video.

5. Trying to stay relevant with pop culture, but ending up with the most unoriginal Halloween costume.

6. Completely missing the opportunity to use Coppola's Bling Ring to revive her image.

7. Taking a stab at a DJ career with 0 background in deejaying.

8. Attempting to align herself with people who are a little more relevant.

9. Sharing an overwhelming amount of PDA this year.

10. (We get it. This is your new boyfran.)

11. ((And you're in love.))

12. (((or, at least, lust.)))

13. Trying to shock us with a risqué Terry Richardson shoot... but Paris, we've already seen everything.

14. Re-promoting her fashion and shoe lines, even though we've kinda long forgotten about those.

15. And introducing a new watch line...?

But as many failed ventures as she's undertaken in 2013, to Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton is still the center of Paris Hilton's universe.

And we're all just living in it.