24 Things No One Tells You About Leaving Canada

That it's truly your home and native land.

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1. People will relentlessly make fun of you for saying "washroom" even though their terms are even more illogical.

4. In America, there are absurd costs and barriers for what you thought was a basic, natural right: health.


You've thought about paying for the flight home and using your holy Health Card because the total expenses is still probably cheaper.

6. And search far and wide for some decent poutine.


11. People will assume you lived as an "eskimo," and are completely immune to the cold.


They'll also throw around the word "eskimo" not knowing that they are real indigenous people in your country.

21. You'll feel weirdly sentimental whenever Nelly Furtado or Nickelback comes on the radio.

Again, even if you don't like them. Because you simply feel a unique emotional connection to them.

23. And how thoughtful it really is when someone says "sorry" or "pardon."


As unnecessary is it can be, when people aren't apologizing or excusing themselves, it's all you want to hear sometimes.