23 Things Canadians Are Truly Proud Of

    "True patriot love..."

    It's been found that Canada has some of the most prideful people in the world. So, last week, we asked fellow Canucks "what makes you most proud to be Canadian?"

    Here's what they revealed as their source(s) of pride:

    1. "We are very accepting, not as judging, and overall very polite."

    2. "I’m a proud Canadian because when I walk into a store, someone’s already holding the door for me."

    3. "Our hospitality, hospitals, and our likeability."

    4. "We are accepting of others — no matter their race, culture, religion, or sexual orientation."

    5. This man's story:

    "While wearing a shirt that said 'Canada' in a McDonalds in Berlin, a lady came up to me and asked if I was Canadian. After saying I was, she asked if I could look after her CHILD while she went to stand in line. When she saw the look of confusion she simply said, 'You're Canadian, I know I can trust you.'"

    Submitted by interitus.

    6. "Our diversity."

    7. "That we are smart enough to ban guns, not Kinder Surprises."

    8. "The value of education."

    9. "When we travel abroad the resounding thing we hear back is “Canada. It’s a GREAT place!”'

    10. "We gave the world William Shatner."

    11. "Everyone seems to love everyone, and we have amazing landscapes and wildlife."

    12. "The best skiing and late night adventures driving in the snow."

    Along with some of the country's natural charms: "The best walks in the night when it's snowing and the sky looks pink" and "The best fall season with a million foliages turning into my favourite colors."

    Submitted by angiepoultonb.

    13. "We have most of the population of wild bears, maple syrup...

    14. ...poutine, and Ryan Reynolds."

    All good things, and the most coveted goods in the world.

    Submitted by Eden Tairy Greene Flynn.

    15. "A very peaceful country with a low crime rate."

    16. "The fact that although we are all proud of our awesome country, we don't shove it in anyone's face."

    17. "I'm proud to be Canadian because we so vigorously resist being defined as just one thing."

    18. "If the worst 'insulting' stereotype you can throw at me is that we’re too polite and we say 'sorry' too much, well, I think that says it all."

    And the most common response?

    19. "That we're not American."