21 Problems Only People With Baby Faces Will Understand

I’m grown, dammit.

1. Having to convince a bouncer or bartender that your ID is legit. Every time.

Columbia / Via giphy.com

2. And the overwhelming anxiety after handing your ID over even though you know your ID is legit.

Focus Features / Via sn0wcaine.tumblr.com

3. Because being turned away is something that still actually happens after you turn 21.


Or, at least, you’ve heard it happen to someone else.

4. Looking like a youth makes you insecure about working in a professional or corporate environment…

NBC / Via wanna-joke.com

5. …and a fear of not being taken seriously (even though it’s probably all in your head).

6. So you overcompensate or try extra hard to act GROWN.


7. Whenever you tell someone your age for the first time, you have to deal with their shocked reactions.

NBC / Via reddit.com

8. Like, “Wow! You look like you just graduated high school!”

9. For guys, there’s the added pressure of growing facial hair, or you’ll feel like you look prepubescent.

Madman Entertainment / Via cheezburger.com

10. For gals, not wearing makeup will only make you look even younger.

Fox / Via giphy.com

11. Dating. And the constant and awkward paranoia that you’ll look like a CHILD next to your partner.

Getty / New York Daily News

12. Even if you’re the older sibling, you’re always mistaken for the younger one.

NY Daily News via Getty Images

13. You will be singled out among your friends and carded at a liquor store…

Columbia / Via blog.buzzocracy.com

14. …in a casino…

Walt Disney

15. …at an R-rated movie.

Cinema Service / Via survivingcollege.com

16. Being booped, or described as “cute” and/or other babying things.

The CW / Via imgur.com

As opposed to “handsome” or “hot.”

17. The struggle of wanting to dress your age, but looking like a child playing dress-up.

18. Having people try to console you by saying things like, “Well, at least you’ll look good when you’re 40.”

19. Except you just really wish your face would catch up to your age RIGHT NOW.


20. But hey, until then, take advantage of your hot, handsome young looks…

21. …and con the system for those student discounts! F*ck yeah!

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