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    T-Pain And Taylor Momsen Are Helping Pornhub Find A Theme Song

    "Climax" was unavailable, apparently.

    This is real life: is looking for someone to write their next official "anthem" and they just got T-Pain and Taylor Momsen onboard to help.

    Astrid Stawiarz / Getty

    Gifted singer-songwriter T-Pain, former-Gossip Girl-turned-rockstar Taylor Momsen, and VICE/Noisey music editor Dan Ozzi will make up the official judging panel for Pornhub's talent search. The competition kicked off in late September and will close by Nov. 30, when the esteemed judges will be tasked to select an official winner.

    T-Pain, for one, is excited for the project. "To have such an eclectic mix of genres, artists, and content come together for the purpose of getting recognized and creating art on a unified front is exciting," he said in a press release. "You can feel the hunger coming from each contestant trying to earn their shot at fame; it’s a humbling experience, and I can’t wait to participate and help Pornhub find their next official anthem.”

    T-Pain also publicly announced his involvement in a video selfie, declaring, "All you rappers, singers out there, send in what you got. I'll let you know what I think. Ya heard me?"

    In September, the adult site asked people to compose and submit "an original Pornhub themed song", and since, they've been infiltrated with pure artistry...

    ...with some trying to encapsulate the Pornhub experience with a singular sound...

    And others just rendering you speechless.

    Some people rapped.

    And some people rocked.

    Pornhub's VP Corey Price tells BuzzFeed News that they've gotten well over two thousand submissions, and that he has even started sifting through them.

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    "We’ve had so many interesting entries," Price said, using the YouTube submission (above) as an example. "I’m super impressed with the talent of Pornhub fans the world over for the most part."

    He says he already has some favorites, but he wouldn't disclose any of them for fear of potentially "skew[ing] the judges' perceptions".

    In January 2015, the panel of judges will select a winner, who will be awarded $5,000 to produce a music video (for their song), which will be featured on Pornhub TV.

    Judge Dan Ozzi says this opportunity is the least he can do to give back.

    Excited? Head over to the official site for more information.