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    23 Signs You Grew Up In Toronto – Not “The 6”

    Tdot forever.

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    1. You get defensive when people doubt that you’re actually from Toronto.

    Logo TV / Via Giphy

    2. While at the same time, you’ve been a little snooty and territorial to people who are not actually from Toronto themselves (*coughScarboroughMarkhamcough* sorry, sore throat).

    @delashereen / Via Twitter: @delashereen

    3. You spent 90% of your teen years and 100% of your money hanging out at Eaton Centre.

    @impressivenjh / Via Twitter: @impressivenjh

    4. You may or may not have stolen a quarter, or loonie, from the fountain...

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 63879006@N02

    Depends on whose asking. YOU WERE YOUNG, OK?! WE'VE ALL MADE MISTAKES. And really wanted a frappuccino.

    5. Your grade school forced you to go on at least one retreat into nature where you’d learn how to nature. You didn't retain anything, but "Kawartha," and "Boyne River" rouses some of the best childhood memories.

    6. Beef patties were the number one snack — breakfast, lunch, dinner.

    @keilarivera18 / Via Twitter: @keilarivera18

    7. You snuck off of school grounds… But only to go to a deli. Or Eaton Centre. Probably Eaton Centre.

    @kingdomliam / Via Twitter: @kingdomliam

    8. You rode the subway by yourself when you were, like, nine years old and it was no thing (except adults always thought you were lost).

    NBC / Via

    9. You've bitched about the Toronto transit since you were nine.

    10. Everyone knows you only swim in the lake if you're a little drunk.

    Sarah Aspler / BuzzFeed Canada

    11. You and your friends learned the art of ~pre-drinking~ on the TTC because getting to the actual bar took forever.

    @jdlui / Via Twitter: @jdlui

    12. You knew that Nuit Blanche was really just an excuse to get drunk and walk around with your friends.

    @Imperiah / Via Twitter: @Imperiah

    13. Wonderland was the go-to summer trip with your friends — and always an even number of friends.

    @amandakefalas / Via Twitter: @amandakefalas

    14. You definitely owned/still own a pair of sunglasses that you bought for $5 in Kensington Market.

    @SkipPhotog / Via Twitter: @SkipPhotog

    15. The initiation to your first Jays game is a really bad sunburn.

    @whereismaddy / Via Twitter: @whereismaddy

    16. The only times you've gone to the CN Tower is to bring your out-of-town family there when they're visiting.

    17. By now, you’re used to waiting an hour (if not hours) for brunch.

    @AbrissErik / Via Twitter: @AbrissErik

    18. Or longer, if you want a spot on the patio.

    Sarah Aspler / BuzzFeed Canada

    19. Or, if it's brunch on a patio, good luck, buddy.

    20. Thursday nights were strictly dedicated to "the Maddy" (Madison Pub) or The Brunswick House.

    21. Your New Year's was always a shit show in one form or another: Clubs were too expensive, house parties were messy, people were messy...

    22. You've shamefully been ~one of those people~ running around the city during TIFF, trying to spot celebrities.

    @DiscoveryKiid / Via Twitter: @DiscoveryKiid

    23. And growing up in Toronto meant you knew someone who knew someone who once had a class with someone who knew someone from Degrassi.

    P.S. Real Torontonians know it will always be "Tdot" or "T.O."

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