No, That Old Photo Doesn’t Show Justin Trudeau Being Held By Fidel Castro

    That Michel.

    Over the last 24 hours, the Internet has convinced itself that it's found an old photo of "Fidel Castro holding Justin Trudeau."

    It was instantly upvoted to the top of reddit/r/pics.

    And quickly contaminated Twitter.

    Fidel Castro holding the New prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

    Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in negotiations with Cuba’s Fidel Castro, some time ago

    Even igniting misinformed wise-cracking commentary.

    that's Fidel Castro and Justin Trudeau just chilling, how did we vote in a guy that just chills with dictators?

    Well, as some netizens have already pointed out, the photo is not of Justin, but of his late brother Michel.

    The photo was taken during Pierre's seminal trip to Cuba in 1976, where he was accompanied by Margaret and their then-four-month-old son Michel.

    So there you have it. And to quote @superduper420, "that Michel not Justin."