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    The 23 Most Devastating Moments Of Third-Wheeling History

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    1. Wade, at his own pool party.

    2. During this New Years' kiss.

    3. When this third person tried to blend into the scenery as a tree.

    4. When someone learned the hard way why you should never go on vacation with a couple.

    5. When this orangutang tried to make a connection at the zoo, but his man was immediately whisked away.

    6. And when this little guy was just trying to vent about his day to his friends.

    7. In a biology textbook.

    8. When three teens went to the mall.

    9. When three teens went to prom.

    10. And really tried to make it work.

    11. When three teens stepped onto a red carpet.

    12. When three hormonal teens, anywhere.

    13. When this guy got nudged out of a romantic selfie.

    14. When this guy felt pressured to smooch his bae.

    15. (...and it's never quite as convincing.)

    16. When a pup got placed between a pup couple during a routine calendar photoshoot.

    17. Anytime a pup is with his or her parents.

    18. In this Victorian painting.

    19. And when you're Prince Harry.


    AFP / Getty Images JOHN STILLWELL


    Getty Images / Oli Scarff


    Getty Images / WPA Pool

    23. ...All the Harrys :(.

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