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19 Completely Baffling Things Americans Do

Freedom means never having to say celsius.

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3. Mandating their own unique measuring system that literally no one else in the world* uses.

*OKOKOK two other countries (Burma and Liberia) also use the special metrication, but still, it makes conversion extremely annoying for the billions of people who were born and raised elsewhere.


4. Which makes everyday things like checking the weather that much more inconvenient.

To translate fahrenheit (used nowhere else) to celsius (used everywhere else), you multiply by 9, divide by 5, then add 32... or something.

I'm not tryna tie my brain in a knot. I just want to know if I can wear jorts today.


16. Under indulging in food, the most indulgent part of life. (See: dinners "on-the-go.")

And feeling like there is never enough time to sit and enjoy a meal/drink.

18. Then treating their actual little humans like pets.