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    Posted on Oct. 14, 2015

    19 Of The Most Influential Canadians As Youngsters

    18 influencers and Rob Ford.

    1. Pierre Trudeau

    CBC Archives /

    Pierre at age 12.

    2. Justin Trudeau

    Library and Archives Canada / National Film Board fonds /
    Library and Archives Canada / National Film Board fonds/

    Justin at age 13.

    3. Mr. Dressup

    CBC News

    Young Ernie Coombs grew up in Maine before he became an official Canadian citizen in his 60s.

    4. Tom Mulcair

    Twitter: @thomasmulcair

    Mulcair as a twentysomething.

    5. Don Cherry

    Rochester Americas
    Toronto Maple Leafs /

    Cherry began playing for the Rochester Americans at age 26, which was a Leafs affiliate at the time, but he never officially suited up for Toronto.

    6. Wayne Gretzky

    Gretzky in his Hespeler minor jersey at 9 years old.

    7. Wilfrid Laurier

    Portraits of Laurier when he was 28.

    8. Stephen Harper

    Via Vintage Voter

    A young Harper with music ambitions at the time.

    9. Lucy Maud Montgomery

    Montgomery at age 10, and at age 23.

    10. Jean Chrétien

    Library and Archives Canada / Peter Hulbert / Vancouver Sun /
    Library and Archives Canada /

    Chrétien in his 30s.

    11. Chris Hadfield

    Dave Hadfield / / Evan Hadfield

    Hadfield at 15 (left) who became a young air cadet sergeant with his older brother Dave (right).

    12. Elizabeth May


    May as a young environmentalist and activist, and May in her 40s ending a hunger strike with a strawberry.

    13. George Stroumboulopoulos

    Strombo as a youngin', and at 22, pre MuchMusic.

    14. Margaret Atwood

    Library and Archives Canada /

    Atwood at 36.

    15. Lester Pearson

    As a baby being held by his father, and at 19.

    16. Emily Carr

    Carr's portraits from her Victoria, British Columbia home.

    17. Louis Riel

    Wikimedia Commons /

    The iconic photo of adult Riel, and at age 14 before his departure to Montreal in 1800.

    18. Sir John A. Macdonald

    Macdonald as a cutie patootie, and in his late 20s.

    19. And Rob Ford

    Ford living his best life since '69.

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