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    18 Pictures That Prove Just How Small Canada's Population Is

    In which we introduce a new unit of measurement where 35 million = 1 Canada.

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    1. This random "Music Edition" of Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets segments garnered more views than there are Canadians.

    2. Adele’s “Hello” video — which only debuted 4 days ago — now has over 110 million views, which is over 3 times the population of Canada.

    3. 44% of Americans have reportedly smoked weed, which is essentially all of Canada, TIMES FOUR CANADAS.


    4. Kim Kardashian has practically as many Twitter followers as there are Canadians in the world.

    Twitter: @KimKardashianWest

    Actually she has almost a million people more.

    5. Katy Perry has more than double.

    6. There are nearly 3 times more people playing Candy Crush, daily, than there are Canadian people.

    7. This:

    8. If every single Canadian saw The Dress post, it still wouldn't be enough people.

    9. Canada is 41 times bigger than the UK by land mass, but the UK has double the population of Canada.

    BuzzFeed Canada

    10. This map showing the different populated regions of the States using the entire Canadian population as a scale.

    11. There are 35 times 35 million people in India than there are in Canada.

    12. Roughly 41 million kids between ages of 5-12 go trick-or-treating in America each year. That’s if every single Canadian went out trick-or-treating on Halloween. Can you imagine.

    Thinkstock / BuzzFeed Canada

    13. This:

    14. The 1999 finale episode of Home Improvement was seen by all of Canada, essentially.

    15. 1 Canada has seen this cat vine:

    16. 2 Canadas have seen this cat vine:

    17. YouTuber Pewdiepie now has more subscribers than there are Canadians, plus 5 million.

    Happy Birthday to @pewdiepie, AND props for hitting 40m subs. That's 5 million more than the population of Canada!

    18. And Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill album sold 35 million copies, which is the entire population of Canad— oh wait, this one makes sense.

    Kat Angus / BuzzFeed Canada

    We're tiny, but we love you 3897325 Canadas over, Alanis.

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