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    17 Things That Are Gendered In Canada For No Fucking Reason

    Finally, a snow shovel a little girl can use, eh?

    1. Headphones at Shoppers Drug Mart.

    2. And ~gift ideas~ there.

    Twitter: @Culture_Worker

    The blue one, a tool set. The pink one, a makeup set.

    3. Different teens' hygiene kits at Shoppers.

    4. Bread.

    Facebook: StonemillBakehouse

    From Toronto bakery Stonemill Bakehouse.

    5. Cereal.

    Twitter: @GenieSlays

    From Sobeys. Only available in Canada.

    6. Trail mix.

    Sarah Carney / BuzzFeed Canada

    From Shoppers.

    7. Bibs from the now-defunct Target Canada.

    8. National pride sweatshirts.

    9. Kinder Surprises.

    10. Bicycle accessories at Canadian Tire. And their costs.

    11. Lego toys at Winners. And their costs.

    Twitter: @QueerThat

    Blue lego toy price sticker reads $19.99; Pink lego toy price sticker reads $14.99.

    12. Shovels.

    13. Happy meal toys at McDonald's Canada.

    14. Ear plugs.

    Saa Leav

    15. Dish gloves at Dollarama.

    16. 100% pure sport dryer sheets at Superstore.

    17. And why pointing out pointlessly gendered products matters a little bit:

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