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    17 Things That Are Gendered In Canada For No Fucking Reason

    Finally, a snow shovel a little girl can use, eh?

    1. Headphones at Shoppers Drug Mart.

    2. And ~gift ideas~ there.

    3. Different teens' hygiene kits at Shoppers.

    4. Bread.

    5. Cereal.

    6. Trail mix.

    7. Bibs from the now-defunct Target Canada.

    8. National pride sweatshirts.

    9. Kinder Surprises.

    10. Bicycle accessories at Canadian Tire. And their costs.

    11. Lego toys at Winners. And their costs.

    12. Shovels.

    13. Happy meal toys at McDonald's Canada.

    14. Ear plugs.

    15. Dish gloves at Dollarama.

    16. 100% pure sport dryer sheets at Superstore.

    17. And why pointing out pointlessly gendered products matters a little bit: