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Fans Have Uncovered An "Incredibles" Theory That Is Pretty Damn Incredible

It's not too late to realize.

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OK, so this might not be that, but the internet has been keying in on a scene in The Incredibles that might explain why its sequel, The Incredibles 2, has taken a decade and a half to make.

how are the shrek movies spaced 3 years apart but the incredibles and the incredibles 2 are 15 years apart??????????

I will never understand why it took 15 years to get a The Incredibles sequel while Cars got 2 sequels, a spin-off series and 6 shorts.

So it could be that, for whatever unforeseen variables, production has taken this long to come around...


The line is uttered during a scene when Mr. Incredible is held captive by Syndrome and begs him to "call off the missiles," saying, "I'll do anything!" But Syndrome says it's "too late" because he was once a young superfan of Mr. Incredible and was rejected by him.

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