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Here Is All The Proof That Americans Are SERIOUS About Moving To Canada If Trump Wins

Threat levels have escalated from "JK" to "OMG RLY?"

So, here we are: Donald Trump prevailed on Super Tuesday, winning seven out of eleven states.

And the "I'm moving to Canada!" punchline from Americans might have just escalated from a joke to a real, real threat. Here is every indication they are getting a little more sincere:

1. The threats have steadily grown from flippant tweeting...

If Trump becomes President I'm moving to Canada.

2. publicly decrying, and "literally" buying a plane ticket to Canada, if you're Raven-Symone.

3. Last night, after Trump won his seventh primary, search results for "How to move to Canada" spiked.

By 350%.

Searches for "how can I move to Canada" on Google have spiked +350% in the past four hours #SuperTuesday

4. The site to determine eligibility for immigration to Canada experienced higher-than-usual traffic, creating lag issues.

5. "Guides" and how-tos are cropping up.

6. The anti-Trump joke website from Cape Breton about taking in American refugees saw half a million visitors.

7. And Cape Breton real estate agents told BuzzFeed Canada they've gotten serious inquiries from Americans, and some have actually flown in to look at property.

8. And travel site Kayak recently announced it will give a out one-way ticket to Canada as a response to the surge of "moving to Canada" searches.

Is the election making you want to #MovetoCanada? RT for a chance to win a one-way ticket to Canada. #1WaytoCanada

9. While we are in the "I'm moving to Canada if ____ wins" season during every U.S. election, this one seems particularly active.

And we, as Canadians, love thy neighbours, but we're scared of the consequences, tbh.

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