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    13 Alarming Photos Of Landfills You Can't Unsee

    Where does trash go?

    1. Bantar Gebang Landfill, Indonesia

    2. Ghazipur Landfill, India

    3. Port-Au-Prince Landfill, Haiti

    4. Waste Site at the Gaza Strip

    5. Jardim Gramacho Landfill, Brazil

    6. Shelford Landfill, U.K.

    Above: Bulldozers move mountains of trash. The site receives 200 truckloads of waste a day.

    The Canterbury landfill ran a high risk of running out of space in 2008 to accommodate its 55.3 million tons of waste. Reports detail a plan to expand the space to expect 15 million tons of waste by 2026.

    7. Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Pacific Ocean

    Also known as the Pacific Trash Vortex, the giant "island" of trash floats somewhere between the U.S. West Coast and Hawaii. The majority of the waste is a collection of nonbiodegradable materials, like plastic, and marine debris that's been trapped and floating in a high-pressure area in the ocean.

    8. Lagos Dump, Nigeria

    9. Apex Landfill of Las Vegas, U.S.

    10. Dryden Landfill of Ontario, Canada

    11. Perth Landfill, Australia

    12. Nogales Landfill, Mexico

    13. Fresh Kills Landfill of Staten Island, U.S.