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  • Tips To Hit That Career Plateau

    Are you always being overlooked for a promotion? Has your job become routine? Do you feel you have reached a standstill? Chances are, you have hit a plateau at work for varying reasons.

  • Memory Booster Tips To Avoid Memory Lapses

    Everyone has his own story to tell about memory lapses. One steps outside the house for something, and forgets why. Another recalls an embarrassing time when he forgets the name of his boss during introductions. Still another seems to be always losing his car keys.

  • Activities To Rev Up Energy

    The open workplace set-up offers ease and convenience. One only has to work on his computer, scoot with his chair to reach for supplies, and order food delivery to manage through the day. The downside is the sedentary lifestyle will take its toll some time, somehow.

  • Tips In Walking With Confidence

    Ever noticed that how you walk in the morning affects the way you feel? Dragging your feet to get to your ride or walking slowly to grab a java makes you feel all the more lethargic. It is all about the mind-body connection. Thus, you get your system going when you walk with a spring in your step. Inversely, you cannot expect to stay alert when you drag your feet.

  • Tips For Business Meeting Etiquette

    Even in business, people should learn to conduct themselves with the proper decorum. Respect and professionalism should prevail. This should stem from a spirit of teamwork.

  • Tips On How To Project Authority At Presentations

    With time, workers get jaded with the work routine. There are many deadwood, half-dead types in the workplace. They come unprepared for meetings. Presentations turn out half-baked, with no prior preparations carried out. Some turn out a so-so performance.

  • Key Areas For One To Develop His Personal Brand

    Everything about you tells a story. From your looks, dress choices, grooming, language, and behavior. That is just skimming the surface. Beyond one’s appearance, each person brings a uniqueness that should be cultivated. From this, he creates his personal branding through which he can deliver value.

  • How Does One Improve His Writing Style

    Work requires much writing. Memos, reports, analyses, presentations require one to compose his thoughts and express his message effectively. More so for those in marketing, communication, and advertising where content is crucial.

  • Tips On How To Work Smarter

    Today’s workload is a challenge. With companies streamlining operations, workers have their hands full – juggling tasks, meeting deadlines, while staying in control.

  • The Right Diet And Habits That Help Boost Your Energy

    Work can be so demanding that the body goes through slumps through the workday. Others fare worse, waking up exhausted. No matter one’s disposition, he has to get his workload done. Keeping one’s energy level on an even keel is key to getting through the day.

  • 7 Tips For Time Management

    Managing time is a concern of all in the workplace. Yet, this should be viewed holistically. Managing time should cover all areas of life.

  • How To Deliver An Excellent Customer Service

    An organization serves two types of customers: External, who patronize its products and services; and internal, who are the employees requiring the services of colleagues or superiors within the workplace. Some companies do not define the level of internal customer service expected from staff. Hence, internal customer service is not given the importance it deserves.

  • List Of Commonly Misspelled Words

    Mobile phones make communication easy and instantaneous. But they are a bane to writing skills. Since many have resorted to texting using shortcuts, spelling has become a liability. Today, one finds himself pondering and confused over the correct spelling of many words, even ordinarily common ones.

  • Happy People Shares Their Secrets

    Happy people find peace and contentment wherever they are. They bloom where they are planted. While others may find happiness to be elusive, happy people know they can be happy…now.

  • 7 Effortless Ways To Let Go Of Stress

    Stress is an inevitable part of life. The fast pace lifestyle and regular pressures at work and at the home front predispose people to stress. While some are able to manage, others succumb and become sleepless, anxious, irritable, depressed, and ill.

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