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23 Things All Australians Go Though When It Rains In Summer

Just basically freak the fuck out.

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10. Basically forget how to walk with an umbrella, because it's Australia and normally we don't need them.

"@Wildeturkey: The look on the face under this umbrella must be joyous... ☔️ #sydney #SydneyRain #SydneyWeather "

12. Crowd onto a train even if the next one is minutes away.

God forbid your wet shoes get any wetter.


13. Complain about being wet.

23. And say things like, “The weather better clear up by the weekend!” even though you know you’ll be inside watching Netflix regardless.

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Somehow you have to convince your coworkers you have an active, fun, summery life even if you're coming up with numerous theories regarding Making a Murderer.