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    Updated on 1 Sep 2020. Posted on 25 Nov 2015

    23 Helpful Tips For All Americans Travelling To Australia

    For the love of all things sacred, stop eating Vegemite with a spoon!

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    1. There's A LOT that can kill you.

    2. If you see a kangaroo out in the wild (or on the street), do NOT go up and pet it.

    They are dangerous! They WILL kick you!

    3. Yes Australia is more expensive. Be prepared.

    4. And no you don't have to tip us. I mean you can if you want, but don't.


    5. This bird is NOT friendly. If you're visiting in spring, WATCH YOUR BACK.

    6. And these guys - DON'T FEED THEM. EVER.

    7. Our coffee is more superior to yours. Definitely try it. / Creative Commons

    8. And yes our drink sizes and meal portions are significantly smaller.


    9. There's A LOT more to see than Sydney and Melbourne. Trust us.


    There's even more outside the capital cities, too.

    10. Be prepared for ALL sorts of weather.

    Facebook: BondiRescueLifeguards

    One day sunshine, the next day apocalypse.

    11. This is how you eat vegemite. NOT WITH A SPOON!

    12. If someone calls you a cunt, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

    #youknowyoureaustralianwhen "C*nt means friend" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #meanwhileinAustralia

    13. You'll learn to understand our accent, but no offense, you'll never be able to mimic it.



    15. And definitely watch out for these guys on the sand.

    16. Looking for Burger King? It doesn't exist sorry. Try Hungry Jacks.

    Flickr: compujeramey / Creative Commons / Flickr: danw / Creative Commons

    17. And if you're looking for McDonald's ask for Macca's.

    Flickr: Andrew Sutherland / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: fishyone1

    18. If you hear someone say "He's such a bogan hey?" they generally mean "That guy is definitely a redneck."

    19. BTW these are our thongs. Yes, they are quite different to yours.

    20. ALWAYS opt to have chicken salt on your hot chips. It is DELICIOUS.

    21. Make sure you pack as many packets of these babies into your bag before you leave.

    Flickr: vigilant20 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lynnszwalkiewicz

    22. If you're after cheap alcohol, may we recommend these delicious beverages? / Creative Commons

    Goon and Passion Pop. Just try it at least.

    23. And as a final warning, don't walk under big trees... because the drop bears will get you. / Creative Commons

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