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    3 Aussie Country Kids Answer Questions From City Kids

    We have the swag(s) you wish you did.

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    Nick Wray / Anna Mendoza / Buzzfeed

    Three BuzzFeed Oz writers who were raised in rural towns decided to answer the questions our city friends had for us, and teach them all about country living.

    1. Have you milked a cow?

    Tahlia: Milked a cow? We started drinking fresh milk from a cow since birth. It’s the country way.

    Lane: No, my hood was all about sheep.

    Nick: I did, and it does sound like I’m making a bad joke here but it’s not as exciting as you think it would be. It look like four pulls to get a drop of milk out.

    2. Have you watched a cow/horse/other animal give birth?

    Tahlia: OK definitely not.

    Lane: Nope. I’m not planning to, either.

    Nick: I’ve seen both a cow and sheep give birth. Yeah that was fucked.

    3. Do you all know how to ride a horse?

    Tahlia: If by ride a horse you mean sit on top of the animal and having a minor panic attack when it takes two steps then yes, I can ride a horse.

    Lane: I rode sheep as a small child?

    Nick: Not solo.

    4. Did it take you like an hour to get to school every day?

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    Tahlia: More like five minutes

    Lane: More like two hours. The struggle is real.

    Nick: I was a “townie” so it was a five minute drive for me.

    5. What did you do for fun when you were a teenager?


    Tahlia: Lapped the main street, went “into town” on Thursday nights and always ended up in Macca's, like the cool kids did.

    Lane: Just played a lot of sport, actually. I had a wall at home that kicked the soccer ball back to me :’)

    Nick: Have an absolute ripper of a wank since there's really nothing else to do.

    6. Did you have like ten thousand pets as kids?

    Tahlia: I basically had no pets growing up. Though we had this stray magpie we used to feed Jatz to.

    Lane: Just a loveable fox terrier. And thousands of sheep.

    Nick: I had pet cows, a dog, and a shit load of birds.

    7. Did you all learn to drive when you were 8?


    Tahlia: I had a fear of driving up until I was 19 because I was convinced I was too short to drive, so no.

    Lane: Yep, in a beat-up Toyota Hilux.

    Nick: I learnt to drive around 10. We had motorbikes though.

    8. Do you really think Aussie hip hop is good or are you just being loyal?

    Tahlia: Let’s be real, the only person that likes Aussie hip hop is Nick.

    Lane: What is Aussie hip hop?

    Nick: I always loved Aussie hip hop but I didn't become a fanatic until i moved to Sydney because I was able to see it live all the time. So take that!

    9. How come all your farmers want wives?

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    Tahlia: Because they can't marry their animals. Fred Nile would have a heart attack.

    Lane: I don’t know. But I want a wife tbh.

    Nick: Because the life of a farmer is shit. They work harder than anyone else and get little to no recognition for it. At the end of the day they’re in the middle of nowhere so it would be pretty lonely.

    10. Is all your food really fresh?

    Tahlia: I don’t know, is Woolies as fresh as they say they are?

    Lane: No fresher than the average city supermarket IMO.

    Nick: I shopped at Woolworths, so it might be the same for most people?

    11. Do you have internet out there?

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    Tahlia: Yeah but it’s so annoying when your parents have to use the phone amirite?

    Lane: Define “internet”.

    Nick: We had Bebo. Which was the shit!

    12. Have you ever shot a gun?


    Tahlia: Only in Nintendo’s James Bond and I’m pretty shit at that tbh.

    Lane: I’ve shot a water pistol many, many times.

    Nick: Yes. As as much as I’m pro gun control, the second you shoot one all those thoughts go out the window.

    13. What is a swag?

    Tahlia: Only something country kids have.

    Lane: Ditto Tahlia.

    Nick: Ditto Tahlia. But Drake fans would say something different.

    14. Do you have mud on your shoes all the time?

    Tahlia: Have you seen the country? It’s very dry.

    Lane: WTF is this question?

    Nick: You need rain for there to be mud.

    15. Is Crocodile Dundee remotely accurate to your life?


    Tahlia: Well tbh I’ve never watched it, so no.

    Lane: I’ve never seen it. But my childhood didn’t involve many large knives, so probs not.

    Nick: No. Cracker of a movie though… the other two weren’t that bad also.

    16. Did your school have like 30 people?


    Tahlia: Nah, just my year group really.

    Lane: No. There are largish towns in the country, you know.

    Nick: My school had 900 kids from years 7 to 12. We were top shit.

    17. How big is your house?


    Tahlia: Your standard four bedroom house really. We have these things called backyards too.

    Lane: Bigger than your inner city terrace that cost $2 million.

    Nick: My house was pretty big and it had a gate to keep the peasants out.

    18. Do you have to be friends with everyone in your school?

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    Tahlia: Definitely not.


    Nick: No.

    19. What if you hated someone?

    Tahlia: Just continued ignoring their existence and carried on with life.

    Lane: You... just hate them?

    Nick: Then move on with your life.

    20. Did you have a pet lamb you had to kill?

    Tahlia: ….no. I accidentally killed my bird once by leaving him outside in winter, sorry Drib.

    Lane: Yes to the pet lamb – they’re called “poddy lambs” – but we didn’t kill them.

    Nick: I didn’t have a pet lamb. But I worked at a slaughterhouse which killed hundreds of them a day so...

    21. Is your local newspaper one page long?

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    Tahlia: Don’t you dare insult The Daily Advertiser. They have the best vox pops of any newspaper in Australia.

    Lane: Please, it’s at least two A4 pages stapled together.

    Nick: Dubbo’s Daily Liberal was like 20 pages long, with most front pages being along the lines of “Breaking: Mrs Smith baked a cake! Town stoked!”

    22. What’s a silo?


    Tahlia: Not sure, but I think Tess in McLeod’s Daughters got stuck in one once.

    Lane: It’s where you store grain. It usually looks like a big metal cylinder.

    Nick: When empty, it's the most fun place to play in. When full, it's some storing thing for grain or some shit.

    23. Do you get mail delivered every day?

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    Tahlia: Well personally no, because I get a lot less fan mail than what you would think. But in general, yes.

    Lane: Hahahahahahaha no. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Nick: I really didn’t take notice. It seemed we had junk mail for Target Country delivered every day though.

    24. Do you have a hat with corks on it?

    Tahlia: Doesn’t everyone?

    Lane: I would not be caught dead in such a hat.

    Nick: Does everyone in the city drive a Prius?

    25. Does everyone have a tin shed?

    Tahlia: Tin roof more like it.

    Lane: Pretty much, yeah.

    Nick: Tin sheds rule! When it rains (it never does) it’s amazing.

    26. Are there spiders and snakes everywhere?

    Tahlia: Definitely spiders.

    Lane: Yes. And I am TERRIFIED of spiders, so basically my life was a nightmare.

    Nick: Ditto Lane. I have a huge fear of spiders, and living in the country did not help me overcome that.

    27. Do you even have mobile reception?


    Tahlia: I get better reception in Wagga than I do in my bloody inner west house.

    Lane: If I stand near my sister's closet and hold my phone in the air, yes.

    Nick: I’m with Tahlia here. In Dubbo I would get perfect 4G coverage, and in Sydney I couldn't even send a text message from my university. Looking at you, Macquarie University.

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