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21 Things Everyone Did In School That Now Seem Weird

Winking at people and watching them pretend to drop dead.

1. You were taught about health by a giraffe...in puppet form.

2. One of your favourite games was running around, tagging people, and then crawling in between their legs to "free" them.

3. Or winking at people in a room and watching them pretend to drop dead.

4. All your books needed a colourful title/cover page. Until then, doing work was impossible.

5. You relied on an eraser to make your life decisions for you.

6. Chatterboxes also helped you navigate the trying times of growing up...

7. ...while the biggest arguments in life revolved around Pokemon cards or round glass balls.

8. You used to decide who your soulmate was, based on this accurate calculation.

9. The fact EVERYONE had a Commonwealth Bank account because of the Dollarmites program.

10. And selling chocolates at your school for your sporting team or a charity made you feel incredibly important and rich carrying all that coin around.

11. There was the weird fact that you needed a "license" to be able to use a pen.

12. As well as the fact you could put a couple of coins in a paper bag, place it in a basket and it'd come back later in the day, with food in it.

13. Eating vanilla ice cream in a cup with a little stick never tasted so good.

14. This song raised many important debates back in the day.

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Washing your face with orange juice was OK, but belly-flopping in a pizza? NOPE.

15. And the fact that a huge rainbow parachute used to make you very excited seems confusing now.

16. Back in the day, everyone seemed to have a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm when it came to participating in choir.

17. And being picked as part of the choral festival choir was a proud moment for all.

18. You were allowed 10 minutes of "computer time" at the end of some classes if you had completed your work.

19. And a great way to procrastinate was by spending a ridiculous amount of time putting together mixed CDs for your friends.

20. You now believe your teachers got some sort of sick amusement out of watching you repeatedly run back and forth to the sound of a beep.

21. And once upon a time, the thought of forgetting a hat devastated you.

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