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21 Things Everyone Did In School That Now Seem Weird

Winking at people and watching them pretend to drop dead.

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2. One of your favourite games was running around, tagging people, and then crawling in between their legs to "free" them.


4. All your books needed a colourful title/cover page. Until then, doing work was impossible.

Great procrastinating tip now for your planner.


9. The fact EVERYONE had a Commonwealth Bank account because of the Dollarmites program.

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The little Aliens seemed awesome at the time... well-played, Comm Bank.

10. And selling chocolates at your school for your sporting team or a charity made you feel incredibly important and rich carrying all that coin around.

11. There was the weird fact that you needed a "license" to be able to use a pen.

14. This song raised many important debates back in the day.

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Washing your face with orange juice was OK, but belly-flopping in a pizza? NOPE.

20. You now believe your teachers got some sort of sick amusement out of watching you repeatedly run back and forth to the sound of a beep.

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