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Guys, We Need To Talk About Australia's Biggest Glow-Up

Angels brought him here.

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Hi, thanks so much for joining me today. Something's been on my mind and I feel like we could all really benefit from talking it through together.



It's time to go on a journey. We need to discuss how our first Australian Idol winner went from the nice guy (no pun intended) with the fro, to MUTHAFUCKIN THIS:

Seriously. Guy in 2003:

Matt King / Getty Images

Guy sporting a 'fro, shaved eyebrow, and goatee in 2004:

Luis Enrique Ascui / Getty Images

Guy just doing some casual squat jumps like it's no big deal in the modern day:

Honestly, look at those arms.

Obviously we already knew that Guy has the voice of an angel.

We love us a musically talented man, sweaties.

Remember when Simon Cowell told him he was "unique" and looked "odd" during World Idol?

Well Simon Cowell is now eating his words.

The Guy Sebastian of 2003 could never.

Now that's what I call aging like a fine wine.

Here's one more ab shot for good measure.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and stay blessed.

I'm glad I finally got this off my chest.