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Zayn Malik Has Dropped His New Music Video And People Aren't Even Dealing

"OK Zayn just kill my entire existence."

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Remember to breathe in and out: Zayn Malik has just dropped his brand new video for "Pillow talk".

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And, um, it's pretty damn fantastic.

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And pretty damn sexy.

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And yes, that is Gigi Hadid.

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Of course people everywhere are losing their shit.

Me after hearing and watching #PillowTalk

I actually cried listening to #pillowtalk

All the fandom after hearing the voice of zayn, after of 10 months #PillowTalk

Most are commenting on how damn sexy it is.

#Pillowtalk makes me want to grind on my boyfriend but I don't have one lol

I want to be Zayn's friend too. #PillowTalk

Some are even going as far as to credit Zayn for saving the music industry.

And others are just not even OK.

Ok Zayn, just kill my entire existence I'm not okay #PillowTalk

Now sit back and let this damn catchy song get stuck in your head.

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