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27 Songs From 2001 That You Literally Forgot About Until Now

We loved a good cover song in the early '00s.

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23. "Takin' Back What's Mine" - Leah Haywood


While it didn't peak as strongly as her previous single "We Think It's Love", Leah Haywood was one of Australia's most prominent female talents in the very early '00s.

26. "Don't Stop Movin'" - S Club 7


If you want to feel real old, this song was released on CD single as well as cassette. Like most other UK acts, the single only ever peaked at No. 2 on the Aussie charts.

27. "The Power" - Vanessa Amorosi


Released as a double single with "Every Time I Close My Eyes", the duo of songs became Vanessa's third consecutive top ten single. The video is so deliciously early '00s.


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