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The Everyday Struggles Of Being The Short One In The Office

"Hey, how's the weather down there?"

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It's not easy being a tiny human, just trying to navigate your way through the world - even pop stars share that burden.

Dannii Minogue, standing at a petite 5-foot-2, came into BuzzFeed OZ to take us through the perils of being the short one in the office: from the classic jokes from your co-workers to the struggles of not being able to reach... well, anything.

When it's tea time and you can't reach your favourite mug.

Or when you're starving but can't reach your fave cereal.

When your co-workers do this to you at least once a week, and think it's hilarious every single goddamn time.

When you're trying to keep up with who the fuck Australia's Prime Minister is now, and can't reach the "on" button.

When you're just innocently trying to do your work and your mates just use it as an opportunity to tower over you.

When you take a break, and your feet just dangle awkwardly mid-air.

And when everyone's laughing at a video but you can't see WTF is happening 😠.

But hey, there's no denying you're still fierce AF.

And some heels and extravagant hairstyles can always make you look taller.