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    Posted on 25 Jul 2017

    18 Things We Learned About Matty From "The Bachelor" Australia

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    Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed

    1. Last thing you texted to someone:


    "It was to my mum, and it was 'I love you'."

    2. Most used Emoji:


    "It'd be the shaka. Definitely the shaka."

    3. What’s your one go-to meal to cook?


    "Chicken pie! Chicken and mushroom pie."

    4. Do you have a secret talent we don’t know about?


    "I wouldn’t say it’s a talent… but I can crack my hips! I’ll see if I can try... nah I can’t today, sorry."

    5. Favourite movie of all time?


    "I can't go past Forrest Gump."

    6. Coffee or a cocktail?


    "Ooooh! I'd go co... ffee. Yep, Coffee!"

    7. NRL or AFL?


    "Always NRL. I go for the Brisbane Broncos."

    8. Would you rather drink goon or Passion Pop?


    "If you drink goon that’s A LOT of goon to get through. I kinda like the taste of Passion Pop. Not that I’ve had it for a while. But I remember it being kind of tasty!"

    9. Last TV show you binge-watched?


    "Suits! Love Suits."

    10. Describe your perfect day:


    "It'd be summer. And it'd be by the water, and by the beach."

    11. Plan a perfect date:


    "See, for a first date it's going to be pretty boring. My first date's always going to be pretty casual. It's going to just be drinks somewhere. Not dinner, just drinks. But, if I had been with them for a while, then the perfect date would be some kind of outdoor activity... I'm going to say snorkelling. Then that'll be followed up by seafood."

    12. What’s the worst question someone could ask on a first date?


    "It'd be 'how much money do you earn?'. I think that's a no-go zone."

    13. What’s worse: Sending a drunk Snapchat or a drunk text?


    "Hmm. See, I probably think a drunk Snapchat. You have more risk at doing something incriminating. Snapchat's high risk!"

    14. Biggest fear?


    "I don't have many fears. I think the things that would scare me the most would be ghosts. It's a no-go zone."

    15. Biggest pet peeve?


    "People who cancel last-minute."

    16. Do you have any advice for Sophie Monk, the upcoming Bachelorette?


    "This is going to sound really cliché, but the best advice is to just be yourself. Everyone says that time and time again, but if you can do that, you're going to have a really great time."

    17. Are you in touch with anyone from the last series of The Bachelorette?


    "Yeah, we still speak all the time. We have a WhatsApp group! I think the best thing about doing The Bachelorette is the fact that you do make some really great friendships and that's continued on now, and all the guys have been really supportive. No one really understands what it's like being in that Bachelor bubble except those other boys, so the fact we can still talk about it and they can give me words of encouragement is the nicest thing."

    18. And what's the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?


    "I'd say the craziest thing I've ever done for love would be booking a flight to L.A. to see that person."

    BuzzFeed: "Oh, and this upcoming show of yours?"

    Matty: "And becoming The Bachelor! Yeah!"

    Season 5 of The Bachelor premieres on Channel 10, Wednesday July 26.

    Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed

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