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18 Tumblr Posts That Sum Up Australian Politics Right Now

"Shit's fucked aye?"

1. On Queensland's choice:

2. On Australia's vote:

3. And the consequence:

4. On the actual election night:

5. On waking up Sunday and finding out what happened:

6. On finding a majority government:

7. On this phrase, which has never been more accurate:

8. On everyone in Australia right now:

9. And our current status:

10. On Aussies not having an answer:

11. On what Julia Gillard is (probably) doing:

12. On an alternative option:

13. On the fact this has happened TWICE in the last six years:

14. On the potential hung parliament:

15. On this scenario:

16. Or perhaps, this one:

17. On political zingers:

18. And this ~approximate~ summary of what the fuck happened:

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