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7 Of The Best Moments From "The Bachelorette" Australia, Episode 2

Did you guys know Rhys is a model?

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1. Jake got the single date.

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Osher came and whipped it out (the date card that is), with the clue reading "let's hang together". The date didn't turn out to be a competitive game of Hangman, but of course, something to do with heights, mountains, and adventurous things.

Georgia said she felt an instant chemistry with Jake, which was shown last night when they both complimented each other's eyes. Jake was shocked when the cable car they were in stopped midway through the ride, meaning they had to strap some harnesses on, and glide slowly down to their deaths. JK they didn't die. But I did.

2. And Georgia and Jake shared the first kiss.

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Dark horse Jake! Goddamn it, why did I get Tommy in the office sweep?!

The two actually shared a sweet moment talking about their parents, and then held a rather creepy amount of eye contact, so much so I had to look away. Georgia then gave Jake a rose - oh god, please don't let her follow Pash Bandit Richie's kiss 'n' rose special, I can't do another season of that.

3. The group date was a photo shoot for Mills & Boon. Yes. You read that right.

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The group date clue was "cover me", and all around Australia you could hear people groaning in fear, imagining The Chocolate Bath take two. Turns out it was a photo shoot, for Mills & Boon, which was probably Rhys's dream come true. Wollongong representative Ben was thrilled with his makeup job, finally seeing himself as higher than a 5.5, god bless his wild-eyed soul. Courtney and Georgia shared an eye-fuck moment, Lee upgraded from a donkey to a horse, and Sam was not thrilled about being paired with Rhys. Speaking of Rhys...


4. Rhys shared his hot modelling tips and talked a lot about being a model, because he's a model.

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God, I wish he mentioned that sooner - takes me back to As A Mum Alex, and how aloof she was, all over again.

"Get ripped. Take your shirt off. Be conscious of your jaw line," Rhys said earnestly.

Print it out and stick it on my grave.

5. Georgia and Cam got up close and personal.

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Fireman Cam was picked for the one-on-one photo shoot, to test the ~chemistry~. I'm mainly glad I'm not taking a shot for every time the word "chemistry" is mentioned this episode, because I'd actually have to go and get my stomach pumped.

Cam and Georgia stared lovingly into each other's eyes, pretending to kiss, and Cam wondered if he should actually just go in and pash her in front of all da boiz, but he held back.

The guys watching went back and told the other boys that Georgia and Cam were definitely "macking on", and a few green-eyed monsters were unleashed.

6. The cocktail party got more dramatic than 22 ladies in a house together.

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First off, modest model Rhys divulged he had written a poem for Georgia. Sam then stole Georgia away for a chat, and started bitching about Rhys, which is a really attractive way of getting to know someone. Some dude, whose name I honestly cannot remember, commented on the "rising of the masculine energy", which ironically is the title of my own Mills & Boon book.

Rhys interrupted Sam and Georgia's chat, and finally got to read his poem. He managed to make a few lines rhyme, and was very proud of himself. Considering Alex's poem won Richie over, it could mean Rhys has this in the bag, but tbh I think we just need to stop with the damn poems.

Meanwhile Sam was back doing his best Rhys impression, and I'm honestly just starting to think Sam has the hots for Rhys. Fireman Cam worried about picking sides between modest model Rhys and Sam, and honestly these dudes have 100% proved they are bigger drama queens than the girls from last season.