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19 Skills Every Australian Mastered In 2016

From cheap avocados to ruined Shapes, it's been quite the year.

1. Finding absolute bargains for our avocado toast.

Bernard salt can pry my smashed avocado from my cold dead hands

2. Taking hipster trends way too far.

3. Perfecting the sausage sizzle after another goddamn election.

4. And really not learning anything from our last few elections.

5. Mastering the art of giving back to our fellow Aussies.

6. Dragging reality TV endings for robbing us once again.

all the signs were there #BacheloretteAU

7. Taking marketing slogans to the next level.

Australian Marketing at it's finest...Visit the Northern Territory 😂#straya

8. Keeping focus on the most important issues at hand.

9. And always honouring the local heroes.

10. Continuing to be photo-ready at big events.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation held their annual conference yesterday #auspol #Straya #MelbourneCup #MelbCup…

11. And taking the perfect photo of the not-so-super supermoon.

12. Combining foods that probably should never have been mixed.

Just going to leave this here… #vegemite #Straya #WANT #NothingToDoWithLinguistics

13. Dragging Arnott's until they reinstated the proper shapes again.

14. Figuring out the best way to mix the Macca's all-day breakfast menu when drunk at 3am.

15. Learning how to shred for other festivals after Stereo was cancelled.

Twitter: @ThatGuyBenj


16. Nailing the perfect HSP.

17. Supporting the underdogs all the way.

Michael Dodge / Getty Images

18. Putting our own spin on Hollywood gossip and dramas.

19. And let's not forget, perhaps the biggest own in all of Australia's history: Forcing celebs to apologise for disrespecting the law.

Facebook: BarnabyJoyceMP

Just don’t smuggle your dogs in, people.

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