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    15 Things That Would Be Different If "Puberty Blues" Was Set In 2015

    "Deadset." Nope.

    1. Instead of endless suntanning, all skin would be slathered with sunscreen first, not baby oil.

    2. No one would rock up to meet their friends at the beach by RIDING A HORSE.

    3. Any bitch-fight would end up being filmed on someone's phone.

    4. No guy would ever dare demand that a girl go buy a Chiko roll for him.

    5. P.E. would not look like this.

    6. If any teacher hit a student with a ruler, they'd probably be suspended.

    7. Not to mention, your principal would never ask you whether you're thinking of having "sexual intercourse".

    8. And any modern day principal would surely not encourage their female student to finish school and "settle down, marry and have a family".

    9. This hairstyle would definitely not be considered the norm.

    10. Smoking would not be as widely accepted.

    11. And you would certainly never light up in front of someone's parents.

    12. Instead of running for the phone to talk to your BF/GF and having to hang up because dinner was ready, you'd be texting the whole time.

    13. If a condom broke or ~disappeared~, the response wouldn't be "that's the last time I use one of these bloody things".

    14. Calling someone a "fish-face moll" would not be the first insult in modern day vernacular.

    15. And girls these days can actually surf without being ridiculed by literally everyone.