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22 Things You Never Knew About "RHOBH" Star Erika Jayne

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star dishes on who throws the best parties, crazy fan stories, and the fact that reunions aren't that bad.

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She joined the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2016, but before that Erika Giradi had already made a name for herself as dance-pop queen Erika Jayne. With nine number one songs on the dance charts and a second album in the works, we sat down with the straight shooter to learn a little more about her.

Where do you feel more relaxed:
Performing on stage for thousands of people, or at a RHOBH dinner party?

It depends on who’s hosting! But probably on stage I feel more relaxed.


You know, Kyle hosts a pretty good barbecue. Everyone loves Kyle!

I think that every season is different, you know? Each year, you add a different layer of responsibility to the show. When you sign up for something like Housewives, you do have to expect a certain amount of conflict and that’s part of the job.


It’s very possible. It’s hard because the show is actually months of filming, hours a day. The thing I always say is you must be very careful, because the slightest thing can be taken, turned, and twisted into something else and that’s where you get in trouble.

Oh Kyle! Oh yeah! Kyle’s a good time, we had a great time in Mykonos. Great dancer too, she likes to have a good time. The reason everybody likes Kyle is she’s just cool – she’s just easy. And she enjoys herself. She’s down to earth.


Well I mean, something I laugh at that did make it was when I fell off the jet-ski. It was hilarious, at my own expense. I looked like a complete fool!

No, no, honestly it’s not as emotional as it looks... I mean it can be. I had rehearsal to go to afterwards, and that was the best thing possible. The reunion starts at 7am and goes through to 7pm. It’s like a 12-14 hour day.


You don’t really need it. You’re definitely not going to fall asleep in that environment! Your senses are heightened, so no one’s sleeping on that job. Oh my god, but one crew guy did fall asleep!

For sure. Just before I was at the mall (in Sydney), and I've never been here and everywhere you go, people watch Housewives!


Sleep! It sounds crazy, but I do love to sleep.

To COOK?! Me, cook? Oh shit. What can I make? Um… I can make a grilled cheese!

Never quit, that things will always turn in your favour, and never stop dreaming.

You have to moisturise and take care of your skin.

No… wait, well yes I do, but it will remain a secret!

You know what, everybody’s really nice. But I did get a letter from prison the other day, from a convicted murderer with no possibility of parole, and he told me that he was reaalllly gonna satisfy me, in all the ways that were… not possible. He was committed. He was into it, you know, so I was too. (laughs)

No, I’m all good! That’s enough!

I hate being late. When I’m late I get anxiety. If I get a late start to the day, everything feels thrown out.

I’m afraid of the dark. Oh, well my biggest fear is obviously my son not coming home. Of course. (For context, Erika's son is a police officer).

Myself! Of course, I’m entertained by myself (laughs). However egotistical that sounds!

Well, let’s see. I usually wake up at 6am with my husband, I take my dog to Starbucks, we have a nice long walk, I get my husband out of the house and off to work, and then I go work my little tail off being Erika Jayne! Then go out and have dinner with my husband and come home and go to sleep!

Let me tell you something, I’m so busy that Christmas Eve will probably be my first day off. But that’s the way I want it, and I’m very thankful!

Well… I mean… we’ll see!

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