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27 Pivotal Moments In The Life Of Every Australian

If you haven’t played Goon of Fortune, have you truly lived?

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1. Learning about drugs and health from a giraffe in a van.

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2. Earning interest in a Dollarmites account.

3. Trying to read the Dolly Sealed Section without your parents finding out.

4. Surviving a school camp where you had to sleep in leaky cabins and get up at 6am to pan for gold or go on a hike.

5. Selling Freddos from a cardboard box for your swimming club or netball team.

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6. Going to a school disco and suffocating on the unique combination of Lynx and Impulse.

7. Cutting the sides of your mouth eating a Zooper Dooper.

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8. Going through a stage of religiously watching Home and Away or Neighbours.


9. Wearing Ugg boots like they were trendy.

10. Running out of credit while you're in the middle of an important text convo.


11. Being judged on your reverse parallel parking skills in order to get your licence.

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12. Doing a Macca's run during school hours.

13. Sitting in a room all day to learn how to serve alcohol "responsibly".


14. Opening a bottle of Passion Pop in a delicate way to avoid hitting someone in the eye.

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15. Playing Goon of Fortune at house parties.

16. Making a hungover trip to Bunnings just to get a sausage sandwich.

It just tastes better there, ya know?
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It just tastes better there, ya know?

17. Spending way too much time in a 24-hour Kmart just because you can.

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18. Dating someone and finding out that you have differing views on where the tomato sauce bottle should live.

19. Getting a slice of Freddo ice cream cake only to find there are no Freddo heads in it.

20. Flying interstate on Tiger and making it there with both kneecaps and all your luggage intact.

21. Doing whatever you can to cool down on a hot day.

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22. Surviving a thong blowout.

23. Walking on hot sand or tarmac without shoes.

24. Drunkenly trying to order a kebab and asking the guy behind the counter if he also sells Powerade.

25. Being sideswiped by an idiot who doesn't know how to merge like a zip.

26. Doing everything you can to get around the Netflix VPN blocker.

27. And travelling overseas and having to explain at length all of the Australian slang that comes out of your mouth.