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Proof That Meredith Grey Is The Worst Character On "Grey's Anatomy"

Dark and twisty and annoying AF.

Meet Meredith Grey. You probably know her as the lead role on hit show Grey's Anatomy. Or rather as the most ANNOYING CHARACTER EVER.

Meredith seems to think she is super mysterious and hard to read.

And she cries a lot when things don't go her way.

Like, cool we get it. You're dark and twisty and damaged and cloudy...

... and broken.

Oh wait is she? Can she make her mind up?

Even the Meredith and Derek drama is just too much now.

Mainly because throughout the WHOLE relationship, Meredith has always been incredibly selfish.

I'm not saying Derek is perfect... far from it. But JFC, can Meredith just ever be somewhat happy when they're on a good streak without trying to make some sort of drama? Or realise Derek still has the right to chase his dreams, while she chases hers?

Like, could she not just remember her sporadic good advice?! Look how much happier she could be!

I'm not sure if a doctor should even be allowed to drain that much life out of people.

Meredith also has this annoying habit of contradicting herself.

And offering up hypocritical advice.

And this. Well this was a goddamn lie.

Yes Meredith. We get it. You're probably never going to be alright.

This gif right here, pretty much sums up Meredith's attitude for the past 11 seasons.

But regardless of her faults, perhaps it's simply not right or wrong to believe Meredith is the worst.