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18 Of Lee Lin Chin's Funniest Tweets

Australia's premiere bad bitch.

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1. When she celebrated 300 followers with these two no-names.

Guess I'll celebrate 300 followers with a threesome then. I can't remember these kids names but they were very vocal

2. When she knew her worth and what she deserved.

Just decided to win the gold next year, I deserve it #TVWEEKLogies

3. When she basically told it like it is.

Your baby isn't special, it's just a poop machine that's a drain on our resources.


5. When she had her priorities in order.

Lee Lin, why are you single? So I can enjoy my King Double bed without some sweaty idiot hogging the sheets.

6. And knew she didn't have time for unnecessary males.

If I ever adopted a dog it would have to be a girl. I don't have time for random penises walking around my apartment.

8. Because she knows she can get any man she wants.

As a single woman people ask me if I ever get lonely. Sometimes I do, but thankfully I'm on TV so I can pretty much pick up any man I want.


9. When she knew the value of a sick burn.

"Hey Lee Lin what are you doing tonight?" "Your Mum!" #burn

10. When she put Karl Stefanovic in his place.

.@karlstefanovic you and rest of the world sweetie.

11. And Pharrell.

I hate it when @Pharrell refers to my ass as a spaceship. I don't care how much you want to "ride" it Mister Williams. It isn't for you.


13. When she gave the hottest of takes.

Art is essentially masturbation, ultimately useless and selfish.

14. When she had some age defying tricks up her sleeve.

I've never had a child but I can confirm eating placenta has age defying properties #TheFeedSBS2 #beautytips

15. Though she knows there's no point in acting your age anyway.

There's no point in acting your age. If I did I wouldn't be at the pub right now with two 25 year old models.


17. When she knew her ~value~.

2nd base for me is a trip to Hong Kong.

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