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72 Thoughts We Had Watching The Finale Of "MasterChef"

Plot twist, Ben made ice cream.

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1. I hope the food comes soon.

2. Wait… one of the prizes is a monthly column in a magazine?

3. Do they get paid to do that? Or is it more of an unpaid internship type deal?

4. Why is this intro so dramatic? I feel like they’re about to save Gotham.

5. Why does George always seem on the brink of tears when he’s explaining the prizes and ~finale~?

6. Is there a difference between a final and a grand finale?

7. I can’t remember any of these old contestants… I swear they could add a few randoms in up in the gantry and I wouldn’t notice.

8. The contestants are feeling pressure choosing the right mystery box, which was me trying to decide what to order on UberEats tonight tbh.

9. I feel like showing what’s in all the mystery boxes removes all the mystery… right?

10. You can smash my mystery box any day, George. 😏😏😏

11. Lol, no that’s gross.

12. Take a shot every time they say mystery box, oh oops, I'm drunk.

13. Wow, Ben’s making ice cream, there’s a real plot twist I never saw coming.

14. Damn, why are you all so shocked over someone making a green juice? Have y’all never been to Boost?

15. I’m pretty sure Gary’s contractually obligated to make the contestants doubt themselves at least five times per episode.

16. This is so dramatic, Ben didn’t cut off his hand fam, he’s gonna live, it’ll be OK.

17. Can’t remember if this show is about two contestants facing off, or Ben’s struggle with his finger.

16. Lmao, did he just put a condom on his thumb?

19. Guys, again, it’s just green juice. What’s going on???

20. Could Matt froth any fucking harder over this green juice?

21. Oh, it’s a quenelle of ice cream on a bed of biscuit crumbs. Original.

22. I hope George gives another 11/10 tonight, we’re due for another George meme.

Network 10
Network 10

23. Cook anything? No rules? Here comes another ice cream, I guess.

24. If they really wanted to add drama, they should rig the ice cream machine so it breaks, free idea for you Channel 10.

25. Why do people from the gantry yell such useless advice? “Cook it perfectly!” “Make it crunchy!” Like, yep sure mate, I’m sure she was aiming for raw, soggy prawns. Thank GOD SHE KNOWS NOW!

26. Fuuuuuuuck those prawns look good and I don’t even like prawns.

27. Ben just whack some ice magic on a scoop of Blue Ribbon, no need to get too fancy.

28. Oh no, Ben’s going to cry over his ice cream.

29. OMG Gary just trolled the shit out of Ben, making him think he was getting a 10.

30. Funny how Ben keeps getting 9/10, also the amount of fingers he has left.

31. George has really stepped up his dramatic acting game for this show, no wonder Swisse vitamins wanted him for their advertising.

32. I do NOT CARE about their families, can we get on with it? It’s already 8.45.

33. Ben’s having a big old family reunion.

34. Oh, so everyone’s beautiful and gorgeous except your dad, are they?


36. Ben: “For my final dish I’m going to chuck my family in the ice cream machine.”

37. All the contestants should get a Logie for all the times they fake knowing a guest chef.

38. Literally WHO is this queen of chocolate?

39. Diana is SO unimpressed with this final dish. And, tbh same.

40. I knew Channel 10 was struggling financially but I didn’t realise they had to resort to stealing props from the set of The Bachelor to get by, and pass it off as the last dish.

41. Haha I definitely thought they had to make a rose and candle out of chocolate but it’s just the three pieces of fruit.

42. This dessert is – dare I say it? – too elaborate.

43. Also, none of it is appealing.

44. THEY HAVE SIX HOURS TO MAKE THIS? Jeez Louise I hope they have some Gatorades on hand.

Network 10
Network 10

45. Also do they get bathroom breaks or are they going for the Grey’s Anatomy diaper method?

46. Imagine ordering a dessert in a restaurant, and the waiter tells you: “There’s a little bit of a wait associated with that dish. Can you wait six hours?”

47. Oh wow, Ben didn’t read the directions and he fucked up. Who would have known?!

48. OK Ben might be able to make ice cream, but he’s kinda shit at following recipes and you know, everything else.

49. This seems so stressful, this is why food delivery services exist.

50. Oh no, Diana has over-agitated her… something or other. Idk guys, I’m too over-agitated to follow what’s going on.

51. Nup, Ben’s fucked it too.

52. I swear to God the things that go into this dish aren’t even real words.

53. I can’t get over the fact that an element of this dish is named “sugar-crusted liquor centre”.

54. Remember when the final challenges used to be constructing a croquembouche?

55. Those were the days.

56. “It’s coming out of a small hole… I’m pushing with all my might”... we’ve all been there, Ben.

57. I can’t believe this challenge is six hours long, I can barely concentrate on the finale going longer than two hours.

58. George’s “Boom, boom, shake the room” truly sends shivers down my spine.

59. And not in a good way.

60. Fuck, poor Diana and her de-stemmed pear.

61. Well, comparing these dishes is going to be like comparing apples and oranges.

62. They've already plated up and presented their dishes but there's still 20 minutes left of the show. Just enough time to draw it out as much as they can and make us all hella mad.

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63. George's “ohhh yeah” every time he cuts open one of the pieces of “fruit” makes me really uncomfortable.

64. Ugh, why is he talking about Ben’s dessert and sounding so turned on?

65. Those Swisse vitamins must really do their job.

66. OK, like both of them kinda fucked up their last dishes but they’re still pulling 9/10s.


68. Diana’s grand total is 90, which conveniently is also my age after watching this show.

69. This is a very anti-climatic end with a whole lot of talking and not many confetti cannons.

70. Oh wait, better late than never.

71. Praise the lord, it's over.

72. So glad I’ll never have to think about chocolate disguised as fruit again.

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