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27 Pictures That Only Former Emo Kids Will Find Funny

Not even sorry for the amount of MCR and FOB ones.

1. When your friends just didn't understand you:

2. When the ratios in your world felt all wrong:

3. When your father let you down in the worst way:

4. When you accepted you might never be over The Breakup:

5. When you were so fucking done with people who generalised the genre of your favourite band:

6. When your wardrobe betrayed you:

7. When you had to take a breath halfway through the track name:

8. When you were subjected to life's worst problems:

9. When this dialect seemed normal:

10. When you were too dedicated to the movement:

11. When your family didn't realise it wasn't just a phase:

12. When you were ready for any occasion:

13. When the struggle was too real:

14. When you found this funnier than it probably is:

15. Ditto with this:

16. And, well, this will always be hilarious:

17. When it was so fucking on:

18. When you low-key wished you did have the power:

19. When you just wanted some goddamn tea:

20. When you agreed with Kanye for the first time ever:

21. When you found your religion:

22. When you had to hide your band's album art from your mum:

23. When things were better if you stayed:

24. When you nailed that exam:

25. When you found the recipe to success:

26. When you gave your bands life:

27. And when you realised a work of fiction really can change the way you see the world: