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This Backstreet Boys Tweet Will Make You Feel Really, Really Old

It's been 17 years since Millennium?!

On April 13, the Backstreet Boys took to Twitter to remind us all it's been 17 whole years since we were blessed with "I Want It That Way".

17 years ago today we released a song called 'I Want It That Way' & you've been our fire, the one desire ever since.

Yep. The iconic song from their 1999 album Millennium is officially 17 YEARS OLD.

Jive Records / YouTube: BackstreetBoysVevo / Via

Our youth is slipping away from us.

While you're frantically searching for grey hairs and wrinkles, let us remind you Millennium also produced the hits "Larger Than Life", "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" and "The One".

Jive Records / Via

Honestly, what a banger of an album.

Millennium tour please BSB?

Jive Records / YouTube: BackstreetBoysVEVO / Via

Remind us of our youth before it becomes too late.

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