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The Rubens Give Their Opinion On 16 Random Things

The Triple J favourites are celebrating the release of their latest album Hoops.

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Australian band The Rubens took the nation by storm in 2012, with their debut self-titled album peaking at number three on the ARIA charts. Three years later, the boys are back with second album Hoops.

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"The break was only due to writing," lead singer Sam Margin explains. "We had a lot more material and we were in a stronger position. The recording process for Hoops was very similar to the first album; but going in there we just had a definite feeling that we knew what we wanted."

1. Reuben Sandwiches:

Sam: We had to do this promo thing one time where we had to eat all the best Rueben sandwiches in Sydney. And I don't even like them to start off with, so the last shot was me keeled over, nearly vomiting!

2. Online trolls:

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Sam: They're the worst! We read stuff online and people can say some pretty mean stuff. And it hurts!

Will: It's a personal preference what someone does or doesn't like.

Sam: Yeah! So who cares.

3. Music reality shows like The X Factor and The Voice:

Sam: It's the worst thing to happen to music for a long time!

Will: And for common knowledge and personal development.

5. Festivals:

Sam: Festivals are the funnest thing you can do as a band. Basically you already have a ready made audience of 20,000 people and you never get that anywhere else.

7. Basketball:

Sam: I just hate the fact that hipsters love basketball. Like you didn't care two years ago, you didn't have a team. We called our record Hoops but it's nothing to do with basketball.

8. America:

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Will: Have to go thumbs down.

Sam: WHAT?! You love it in America!

Will: No I don't. For me, it's the gap or rich and poor is too big. It's cool to hang out in whatever…

Sam: …oh yeah but as a whole the country is down the toilet. It's in real trouble.

Will: Wouldn't want to live there.

9. Goon:

Will: It reminds me of the good old days! Being a teenager.

Sam: There's some nostalgia there.

11. Tony Abbott:

Sam: Ugh, thumbs down. Do I really have to explain why?!

13. Alcohol served in hipster jars:

Sam: Just leave it man. It's not necessary. Also… put a sign on your bar! It's not cool to not have a sign on your bar. It doesn't help. Especially when it's down some secret alleyway. Ugh God… it's hard to be hipster I reckon!

15. When a McFlurry isn't flurried:

Sam: Like when it's not mixed?

Will: I've had that a couple times.

Sam: Terrible! They're too thick to do it yourself.

16. Breakfast beers:

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Sam: We've been getting lower and lower... we're really pushing it! I think we started at 10 the other morning? Yesterday it was definitely 10 a.m.

The Rubens' new album Hoops is out now.

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