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19 Tumblr Posts That Accurately Describe What It's Like To Be A Picky Eater

"I haven't tried it, but I don't like it."

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1. This exact reason why you have trust issues.

2. This highly annoying phrase that's only been said to you about 100 times.

3. But you live hard and fast by certain rules and nobody can change your mind on that.

4. The trying times when you've attempted to convince yourself you aren't that fussy.

5. Even though this phrase has come out of your mouth too many times to count.

6. The awkward times when you're at someone else's house but even for the sake of politeness you honestly don't think you can stomach the meal.

7. The hopeful times you decide to be adventurous and branch out, and it backfires big time.

8. The times where your friend or partner try to cajole you into trying new foods and you're like "Um, do you even know me?"

9. Though this is basically their face when you do enjoy something new.

10. This harsh but sad truth.

11. Because, seriously, trying to control your tastebuds is HARD.

12. And even the times you've desperately tried something you once despised, your body somehow manages to let you down.

13. Like people can't seem to understand your tastebuds are literally rejecting the taste of some foods.

14. The times even your mother gave up on you.

15. And the times customer service workers knew exactly how to label you.

16. You know at the end of the day you're only burdening yourself, but you still can't help it.

17. Because we can't pretend that ordering like this is fine and dandy and not embarrassing.

18. Seriously though.

19. But on the plus side you've definitely learned how to be more prepared.