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23 Hilarious Tweets From Celebrity Parents

"Having an infant son alerts me to the fact that every man, at one point, has peed on his own face."

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1. When Anna Farris had to deal with life's little pleasures.

2. And when her son tried to have the last word.

3. When Ryan Reynolds was brutally honest.

4. And when he had the last laugh.

5. When Olivia Wilde realised she and her son had different priorities.

6. And when she learned a true fact about the male species.

7. When Chrissy Teigen made this joke about her newborn daughter, after people hounded her for going out for dinner.

8. And when she had this reply for husband John Legend.

9. When Joel McHale's kid was a songwriter in the making.

10. When Neil Patrick Harris learned the hard way, the best presents are always the ones that you'd literally never think about.

11. And when he had this to say about his daughter.

12. When Channing Tatum realised the genetics were strong.

13. When Christina Applegate's daughter was teaching her brand new things.

14. When Carrie Underwood came to this diet realisation.

15. When Alyson Hannigan's 2-year-old was brutally honest.

16. When Gerard and Lindsey Way's daughter had her future mapped out.

17. When Kelly Oxford's daughter has this rather alarming thought.

18. And was grateful for the ~other~ things in life.

19. When Hamish Blake's son was honestly living his best life.

20. When Conan O'Brien truly knew what was best for his kids and the younger generations.

21. And when he had this brutal honesty for his children.

22. When Nicole Richie aptly described what life with two young children is like.

23. And when Zooey Deschanel had high hopes for her daughter.