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    For Those Who Actually Love The Aussie Summer

    Stop complaining and listen up.

    It's time to face it: Australian summer is actually the greatest.

    Em_prize / Getty Images

    As soon as daylight savings hits, you know you're in for a great few months.


    The longer and warmer nights means extra time to take advantage of the beach.

    Because in case you've missed it, the beaches in Australia are incredible.

    There's nothing nicer than kicking back outside on a balmy evening with your favourite drink.

    And bonus, you can walk around in thongs all day!

    Sure it can be a bit of a struggle, especially on days when it's hitting 40 degrees.


    But on the plus side it's the perfect excuse to sit indoors with the air-con blasting.

    Summer gives you the chance to explore all sorts of hidden treasures in Australia.

    And let's be honest, it's great for your Instagram brand.

    There's always those people who complain about it being "too hot" every five minutes or so.


    But even their persistent whining can't get rid of your summer shine.


    Let's not forget, an Aussie Christmas is always a bloody good time.

    And every time you think of people in other countries freezing their tits off at Christmas, you can't help but to feel a bit smug.