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    23 Aussie Christmas Traditions That The Rest Of The World Is Missing Out On

    We all have that aunt that brings the Chang's noodle salad.

    1. Prawns.

    2. A platter that looks something like this.

    3. Snags for the BBQ.

    4. Chang's noodle salad.

    5. Scorched almonds.

    6. Assorted Favourites and Roses...

    7. ...and let's not forget Ferrero Rochers.

    8. A plastic bowl filled with Smith's chips.

    9. Pavlova.

    10. Neapolitan ice cream for the kids.

    11. Probably served in cones like this.

    12. A bunch of Cadbury Christmas stockings.

    Only the best for the Cadbury Christmas stocking this year... #whyisthereachomp

    13. And chocolate coins.

    14. Backyard cricket.

    15. A slip 'n' slide.

    16. Water bomb fights.

    17. And that one person who should never be trusted with a hose.

    18. Summer fruit platters.

    19. And a bowl full of cherries.

    20. Vodka cruisers and ciders.

    21. And a lot of beer.

    22. Lots of ice.

    23. And fans and/or the air-con blasting at full force.

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