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13 Other Ways We Could Decide If Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legalised

Why stop at a postal vote?

Yesterday the Australian government announced that it was sticking to its plebiscite policy on same-sex marriage.

BREAKING: A 2 hour meeting but no change - Liberals are sticking with same-sex marriage plebiscite.

If Plebiscite 2.0 was to fail, a non-legislated, voluntary postal plebiscite would be introduced.

Seems like a waste of time and money, right?


Here are some alternative options for the government that would cost significantly less than $122 million.

1. Make a "Yes/No" eraser, just like in primary school.

Twitter: @teagan_donachie

Hack: Just put "Yes" on both sides.

2. Shake a Magic 8-Ball around.

And like everyone does, just keep shaking it until you get the answer you want.

3. Let a chatterbox make the tough decisions.

You know what to do. Waste time by counting a lot, and then the reveal just says "legalise"! Cost-effective too!

4. Pick an answer out of a hat.

Aleksangel / Getty Images

Make the hat out of newspapers you don't read!!!

5. Just solve it all with a Twitter poll.

Twitter: @

Millennials don't know how to send mail, Boomers don't know how to use the internet, so I can't see how this plan would fail.

6. Write "Legalise" or "Don't legalise" on a board, spin Malcolm Turnbull around 73 times, and make him point to an answer.

Hack: Just write "Legalise".

7. Flip a coin.

If it lands on the answer you don't want, pretend you accidentally knocked it and try again.

8. Ask the question, open a random book, and use the first word or phrase you read as your answer.


I tried and tested this. The first words I read were "I know", which I took to mean "yes, legalise same-sex marriage".

9. Turn back time and consult psychic octopus Paul, who died in 2010.

AP / Via

Makes as much sense as a postal vote costing $122 million.

10. Partake in a rose ceremony.

Network 10

If a dude can go on a national TV show and pick between 23 women as potential life partners, then same-sex marriage can't be THAT much of a scary prospect, right?

11. Create a reveal not unlike the "gender" reveals taking social media by storm.

Except rainbow colours just come bursting out.

12. Just use a big, old wheel...kinda like Wheel of Fortune.

Sony Pictures Studio

Keep spinning until you land on what you want.

  1. 13. Or take this poll: Should Australia legalise same-sex marriage?

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13. Or take this poll: Should Australia legalise same-sex marriage?
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