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For Everyone Who Was Totally Obsessed With "Sweet Valley High"

Everyone's problematic fave.

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The Sweet Valley series was hugely popular for many teens growing up.

Chronicling the entire lives of the Wakefield twins from childhood to adulthood, creator Francine Pascal produced a number of series and spin-offs, from Sweet Valley Kids, to Sweet Valley High, and Sweet Valley University.

As well as: Sweet Valley Kids, Sweet Valley Twins, The Unicorn Club, Sweet Valley Jr. Year, Sweet Valley Senior Year, Sweet Valley University, Sweet Valley Confidential and The Sweet Life.

In case you've forgotten, The Wakefield twins were often described as "slim, five-foot-six, with shoulder-length, sun-streaked blond hair, flashing blue-green eyes (the exact colour of the Californian ocean!!), and of course, perfect tan skin."



They came from the perfect Californian family: with good-looking, youthful parents and a handsome older brother.

Actual description in the book.


In between their regular, perfect Californian life, they faced many unfortunate issues such as kidnapping, comas, cheating dilemmas, deaths of friends and boyfriends, and psycho villains that wanted to be them.

Who can forget the time Elizabeth hopped on the ~forbidden~ motorbike with her coffee-eyed boyfriend Todd, and ended up in a coma that changed her personality?

Or the time Jessica spiked Elizabeth's drink when they were competing for prom queen, which lead to Elizabeth leaving the dance with Jessica's boyfriend Sam and promptly crashing her car, resulting in Sam's death.


But no matter how dramatic and dark the storyline, at the end of the day, the sun always rose again across Sweet Valley.

Random House

(Probably illuminating the twins' glittering blue-green eyes at the same time.)

And let's all admit it - no matter how ridiculous it got, we were constantly hooked.

Thanks for the memories Sweet Valley!